четверг, 6 сентября 2012 г.

Landbridge - Tape - 2012


1. (00:04:08) - (VBR 286 kbit/s) Landbridge - No Contentment
3. (00:02:22) - (VBR 285 kbit/s) Landbridge - Nothing Sacred
2. (00:06:10) - (VBR 290 kbit/s) Landbridge - Inventors of Sin

Playing Time.........: 00:12:41
Total Size...........: 21,68 MB


Landbridge - Landbridge - 2012

Yeah, I know, there has always been many bands playing crusty tunes or somehow having a definite d-beat / crust influence in their sound, and nowadays their number is increasing perhaps since the genre is gaining its popularity ( if talking about the popularity of the crust scene makes any sense ). Anyway, this is something, I'm not afraid to say, outstanding. Landbridge. A band from Tampa, Florida. Trying to categorize the music, which I'm honestly not fond of doing at all, I'd say they play a very, very melodic d-beat. The most obvious comparison is His Hero Is Gone, but Landbridge will be a pleasant listen for the lovers of bands like Rise and Fall, End Reign, Worms Feed as well as the ones who love Ictus, Ekkaia, Madame Germen and maybe even Disfear or Wolfbrigade. Three passionate songs here, full of despair and anger.. ( aaah, same shit from post to post, despair and anger, bleak atmosphere, I need to learn more words or find some new way of describing things!! ). Well, I'm sure you haven't heard a band with such an amazing songwriting for a while, at least I haven't. It is simply awesome. Necessary to say that these dudes also play in several other bands, and each one will be worth your time: CollapseCrow's Foot (R.I.P), Bastard Deceiver. Can't wait for more music from Landbridge while this record is one of the best I heard this year for sure.

суббота, 9 июня 2012 г.

Lovgun - Bisou - 2012


1. (00:01:22) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Elodie
2. (00:02:09) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Camille
3. (00:00:55) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Christiane
4. (00:00:07) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Marine
5. (00:01:04) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Audrey
6. (00:01:09) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Virginia
7. (00:01:02) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Aisha
8. (00:00:19) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Carla
9. (00:01:33) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Perrine
10. (00:01:30) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Alexandra
11. (00:00:30) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) LOVGUN - Paranoia secured (His Hero Is Gone cover)

Playing Time.........: 00:11:39
Total Size...........: 26,76 M


Lovgun - Bisou - 2012

A relatively new band from Lyon, France. Started last year by the guys with a desire to play "something new, fast, incredibly loud, with black masks". Forming the D7C family they are also in Warfuck (awesome crusty  grindcore), Obnoxious (brutal death metal), Crampest (crust rock'n'roll), Belladone and Anoia. Check them out. So about Lovgun, ten songs about women and a HHIG cover, everything clocking in about eleven minutes. The songs are fast but there's always a place for some kind of a slower, more hardcore then grinding part. Straight-in-your face angry songs played by friendly dudes. A good listen, definitely. There is a couple of splits planned for Lovgun so stay tuned.

понедельник, 28 мая 2012 г.

The Conceal - Endless River | Stunted Prayer - 2012


1. (00:05:08) The Conceal - A Final Song
2. (00:03:51) The Conceal - Endless River, Stunted Prayer
3. (00:01:50) The Conceal - Dust Breeder
4. (00:05:43) The Conceal - Meandering
5. (00:04:50) The Conceal - The Erase
6. (00:06:17) The Conceal - Gutted Sons
7. (00:04:20) The Conceal - Wishing Knell
8. (00:06:06) The Conceal - Closed Seas
9. (00:02:34) The Conceal - Wasteland Charter
10. (00:04:48) The Conceal - The Waiting

Playing Time.........: 00:45:28
Total Size...........: 88,63 MB



Ok, here i am finally doing what i was keeping in mind for some time - writing about The Conceal. The Conceal is a natural continuation of Flood Peak expanded to become a five-piece, so in case you missed it, it's time to fill the gap.

Endless River | Stunted Prayer contains four reworked songs out of five from Filling Flasks and.. let's count.. six new ones. The reworked versions sound slower, with more stress on heaviness and anguish, but not without rocking impression. New songs are also not just to fill in the space, they are at least as good, if not better as the previously heard. From the very Final Song which is actually the first one, and up to The Waiting these sounds control your feelings and consciousness. And even if you listen to any random song, it will be repeated in your mind again and again. That's what i like.

There is also a great digital layout with lyrics and art included and some beautiful band videos. The visual aspect of The Conceal work is another thing to be pleased with. It perfectly reflects the essence of the project. Looks like these guys founded something outstanding. Dark and heavy shit-rock band with cool past, splendid present and bright future. And whatever you call it, that is still what it is.

*forgot to put the download link, it is up here now, go download it! And thanks Mike!

суббота, 3 марта 2012 г.

Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld - 2011


1. (00:03:02) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Anonymous and Forgotten
2. (00:01:58) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Occult Farmers
3. (00:01:51) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Parade In Sweat
4. (00:02:43) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Protect Your Plow
5. (00:03:16) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Shaved At Night
6. (00:03:00) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - West of Broad
7. (00:04:22) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Young Professionals
8. (00:01:30) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Moist

Playing Time.........: 00:21:43
Total Size...........: 49,76 MB


Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld - 2011
Bubonic Bear - Half Lenght - 2010

Here is the latest record of Bubonic Bear from Philadelphia. Writing this with great pleasure cause i already got familiar with their creative work and it made a very good impression. Half Lengh was a great listen, Fleshworld is even better. Must say they also recorded two splits: with Hulk Smash and Holy Dirt who's parts are downloadable from their bandcamp pages as well as BB's from theirs. Talking about Fleshworld, it's still that Bubonic Bear style you like ( or hate ). Pretty long songs with not so fast, rather slow but intensive drumming and riffs filling the space like you can even touch them. The overall feel is bleak, doomed and psychedelic a bit which makes it an enjoyable listen. The production is better than at the Half Lenght, someone may wish they made it rougher, but not me. I find it just great. You won't think, but there are only two people in the band, Andrew and Dustin, who i thank deeply for getting in touch. Fleshworld is available from Sloth Tapes if you're into buying stuff.

суббота, 24 декабря 2011 г.

Oiltanker - The Shadow Of Greed - 2011


1. (00:01:38) - (VBR 291 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Last Words
2. (00:01:00) - (VBR 304 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Coma
3. (00:02:14) - (VBR 294 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Who's In Control
4. (00:01:56) - (VBR 284 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Blight
5. (00:02:57) - (VBR 293 kbit/s) Oiltanker - The Circle Complete
6. (00:02:27) - (VBR 286 kbit/s) Oiltanker - A Means To An End
7. (00:01:53) - (VBR 294 kbit/s) Oiltanker - By Death Or By Force
8. (00:01:43) - (VBR 296 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Ignorant Bastards
9. (00:03:22) - (VBR 283 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Suffer
10. (00:01:30) - (VBR 284 kbit/s) Oiltanker - Sorrow

Playing Time.........: 00:20:39
Total Size...........: 42,83 MB



Oiltanker - Demo Cassette - 2007

After 5 years, this is Oiltanker's first LP! On this record, they bring more of the heavy Northeast crustcore that they've been doing from the time they started the band. For fans of Disrupt, State of Fear, and Nuclear Death.
Yes! The the long-awaited Oiltanker album is finally here. More tunes in the line of their previous releases. Fast, heavy, crushing tunes with pushing drumming, lots of guitar solos and memorable riffs. Add angry shouting from three of the band members and you get The Shadow Of Greed. Cool album. Definitely not the one to miss.

Hysterese - LP - 2011


1. (00:01:51) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Fix It
2. (00:02:01) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Three Wise Monkeys
3. (00:01:48) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Vogue
4. (00:02:08) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Headlocked
5. (00:01:29) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Deadbeat
6. (00:02:14) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Epidemic
7. (00:02:04) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Fist of Glass
8. (00:02:53) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - The Spook
9. (00:02:10) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Rock, Shore, Shit
10. (00:03:51) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Hysterese - Powerwulf

Playing Time.........: 00:22:30
Total Size...........: 42,72 MB


Hysterese - LP - 2011

Wow. From the south Hysterese suprise us with a beautiful mix of portland-styled punk (yes punk - not crust) with various other influences from Masshysteri, Gorilla Angreb and the classic 77 punk-style! Did not expect this one after only a short time of existence and only one demo-tape!
I must say i've never been a huge punk rock fan and though i heard Masshysteri a couple of times i have no idea what's portland-styled punk, 77 punk or deutschpunk sound like. But it's fair to say i truly love this record. Even more then the beautiful demo they put out before, on which i first heard Hysterese. The best thing about it is dual vocals singing, especially when both guy and girl sing different words at the same time, that's fantastic! The music is groovy, catchy and always giving a positive feeling, making happy and wanting share the happiness with the whole world. Don't know what the lyrics are about but pretty sure i'd admire the band even more if i knew it. Go to their blog and hear some songs, you'll like it. By the way, these people also are/were in Derby Dolls, Lights Out and Riot Brigade which doesn't make any clue for me either, huh.

суббота, 19 ноября 2011 г.

Drainland / Cellgraft - Split - 2011


1. (00:03:33) - (VBR 268 kbit/s) Drainland - Alpha Rat
2. (00:01:01) - (VBR 254 kbit/s) Drainland - The Ghost Of Warren Street
3. (00:02:49) - (VBR 270 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Obsolescence
4. (00:00:37) - (VBR 278 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Blind Constituency
5. (00:00:57) - (VBR 282 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Abdication
6. (00:00:47) - (VBR 277 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Chronological Enslavement
7. (00:00:28) - (VBR 283 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Weapon Abuse
8. (00:00:52) - (VBR 286 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Deformed Resonations
9. (00:00:42) - (VBR 285 kbit/s) Cellgraft - Amelioration Lapse

Playing Time.........: 00:11:47
Total Size...........: 23,98 MB



Drainland / Cellgraft - Split - 2011

Cellgraft - External Habitation - 2010
Cellgraft - Deception Schematic - 2010
Irish harsh and heavy hardcore battles Floridian vicious DIY grind.
Transcontinental split between two madly angry bands. Drainland guys are working like at the conveyor, one record after another. After Swine, split with Grinding Halt, full-length and this record, their split with Trenches  saw the light of day and future plans include collaborations with Crows, Enabler and hopefully more bands. Not to mention their other activities. This hammer seems to never stop hitting our heads. Cellgraft are currently working on an album and they already have several records, too. And here is a new dose of their vicious destruction. They do deserve being heard by everyone who's into fast, raw and sttraight-in-your-face  stuff. Released by De GraanrepubliekSuperFi Records and IFB Records.