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Flood Peak - Filling Flasks - EP - 2011


1. (00:02:19) Flood Peak - Meandering
2. (00:03:22) Flood Peak - Closed Seas
3. (00:03:16) Flood Peak - Scattering Crowds
4. (00:01:48) Flood Peak - Dust Breeder
5. (00:04:14) Flood Peak - The Waiting

Playing Time.........: 00:14:59
Total Size...........: 29,58 MB



That's a real masterpiece. The debut record from San Hose based Flood Peak. With Mike McClatchey on guitar who was also in Apiary ( Clearing Autumn Skies before and Early Graves after ) they sound really heavy. I'd say it's like taking part in the bulldozer race where you have to slam the others while pushing gas to the floor, feeling the destructive power and enjoying the speed at the same time. Hope you got it. Record production reminds me of Lighthouse ( their album's here ) but it has more of that Motorhead feel. I didn't listen to it when being drunk but this sounds great anyways. Check the teaser below and you'll surely want to get Filling Flasks immediately.

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