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Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld - 2011


1. (00:03:02) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Anonymous and Forgotten
2. (00:01:58) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Occult Farmers
3. (00:01:51) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Parade In Sweat
4. (00:02:43) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Protect Your Plow
5. (00:03:16) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Shaved At Night
6. (00:03:00) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - West of Broad
7. (00:04:22) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Young Professionals
8. (00:01:30) - (CBR 320 kbit/s) Bubonic Bear - Moist

Playing Time.........: 00:21:43
Total Size...........: 49,76 MB


Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld - 2011
Bubonic Bear - Half Lenght - 2010

Here is the latest record of Bubonic Bear from Philadelphia. Writing this with great pleasure cause i already got familiar with their creative work and it made a very good impression. Half Lengh was a great listen, Fleshworld is even better. Must say they also recorded two splits: with Hulk Smash and Holy Dirt who's parts are downloadable from their bandcamp pages as well as BB's from theirs. Talking about Fleshworld, it's still that Bubonic Bear style you like ( or hate ). Pretty long songs with not so fast, rather slow but intensive drumming and riffs filling the space like you can even touch them. The overall feel is bleak, doomed and psychedelic a bit which makes it an enjoyable listen. The production is better than at the Half Lenght, someone may wish they made it rougher, but not me. I find it just great. You won't think, but there are only two people in the band, Andrew and Dustin, who i thank deeply for getting in touch. Fleshworld is available from Sloth Tapes if you're into buying stuff.

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