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The Conceal - Endless River | Stunted Prayer - 2012


1. (00:05:08) The Conceal - A Final Song
2. (00:03:51) The Conceal - Endless River, Stunted Prayer
3. (00:01:50) The Conceal - Dust Breeder
4. (00:05:43) The Conceal - Meandering
5. (00:04:50) The Conceal - The Erase
6. (00:06:17) The Conceal - Gutted Sons
7. (00:04:20) The Conceal - Wishing Knell
8. (00:06:06) The Conceal - Closed Seas
9. (00:02:34) The Conceal - Wasteland Charter
10. (00:04:48) The Conceal - The Waiting

Playing Time.........: 00:45:28
Total Size...........: 88,63 MB



Ok, here i am finally doing what i was keeping in mind for some time - writing about The Conceal. The Conceal is a natural continuation of Flood Peak expanded to become a five-piece, so in case you missed it, it's time to fill the gap.

Endless River | Stunted Prayer contains four reworked songs out of five from Filling Flasks and.. let's count.. six new ones. The reworked versions sound slower, with more stress on heaviness and anguish, but not without rocking impression. New songs are also not just to fill in the space, they are at least as good, if not better as the previously heard. From the very Final Song which is actually the first one, and up to The Waiting these sounds control your feelings and consciousness. And even if you listen to any random song, it will be repeated in your mind again and again. That's what i like.

There is also a great digital layout with lyrics and art included and some beautiful band videos. The visual aspect of The Conceal work is another thing to be pleased with. It perfectly reflects the essence of the project. Looks like these guys founded something outstanding. Dark and heavy shit-rock band with cool past, splendid present and bright future. And whatever you call it, that is still what it is.

*forgot to put the download link, it is up here now, go download it! And thanks Mike!

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