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Landbridge - Tape - 2012


1. (00:04:08) - (VBR 286 kbit/s) Landbridge - No Contentment
3. (00:02:22) - (VBR 285 kbit/s) Landbridge - Nothing Sacred
2. (00:06:10) - (VBR 290 kbit/s) Landbridge - Inventors of Sin

Playing Time.........: 00:12:41
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Landbridge - Landbridge - 2012

Yeah, I know, there has always been many bands playing crusty tunes or somehow having a definite d-beat / crust influence in their sound, and nowadays their number is increasing perhaps since the genre is gaining its popularity ( if talking about the popularity of the crust scene makes any sense ). Anyway, this is something, I'm not afraid to say, outstanding. Landbridge. A band from Tampa, Florida. Trying to categorize the music, which I'm honestly not fond of doing at all, I'd say they play a very, very melodic d-beat. The most obvious comparison is His Hero Is Gone, but Landbridge will be a pleasant listen for the lovers of bands like Rise and Fall, End Reign, Worms Feed as well as the ones who love Ictus, Ekkaia, Madame Germen and maybe even Disfear or Wolfbrigade. Three passionate songs here, full of despair and anger.. ( aaah, same shit from post to post, despair and anger, bleak atmosphere, I need to learn more words or find some new way of describing things!! ). Well, I'm sure you haven't heard a band with such an amazing songwriting for a while, at least I haven't. It is simply awesome. Necessary to say that these dudes also play in several other bands, and each one will be worth your time: CollapseCrow's Foot (R.I.P), Bastard Deceiver. Can't wait for more music from Landbridge while this record is one of the best I heard this year for sure.

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